Tips & tricks for keeping your teepee stable

Tips & tricks for keeping your teepee stable

If your teepee is set up properly and open to its full capacity, it should be standing stable. Here are some tips on how to get it to do so:

Before you set it up, make sure the pole tops are in the correct position. There is nothing you need to do to the bolts or nuts. The bolts should be in an X. The lower drilled holes with connecting bolts should be below the higher drilled holes/bolts. This is how we send them to you and should come out of the box this way. (The video below shows how to replace them if the poles get moved over the other set of poles).

Before pulling out the poles, make sure your fabric is snug to the top so the bottom of the poles are fully in the bottom pole coverings. You will not be able to set it up properly if the fabric is sagging and top pole coverings are half way down the poles. Pull up on the fabric to ensure fabric is as high as it can go. 

Next you pull open the poles. You will have to adjust by pulling up on fabric on each pole as you go to make the fabric go as high as it can go on each pole. This will make it so each pole can open to its full capacity. Having it open to its full capacity stabilizes the base of the teepee.

*Tip: putting the teepee in the corner of a play room/bed room/living room will keep children from trying to go out the sides or back. Adding pillows or a seat will keep sides open and blocked from children pulling on the sides.

If you have it on a slick surface, try adding a rug under it so the fabric doesn't slide on the floor.


Our teepees are designed for calm play, not for wrestling matches or the like. Like any play tent on the market, there is the risk of it falling over if children play rough inside or pull on the sides. As your child gets older, the desire to pull over the teepee will decrease. 

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