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Our time at Disney Land

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Traveling with 3 little ones under the age of 6 to the happiest place on Earth (Disney Land) can be a daunting feat. I have some tips and tricks to make your time a little more magical! Here is how we spent our short 4 days in California. 

We stayed in a home we found on direct house link: The home is perfect for multiple families staying together. Was equipped with a pack and play, strollers, high chair, pool, hot tub, 4 spacious bedrooms, and only a few miles away from Disney. We had cars and free parking so we drove, but I would recommend getting an Uber driver to drop you off at the very front of Disney. Is a short drive and would be cheap.

While at Disney I hired Nanny Deb to help me with my kids. Nanny Deb brought her own stroller full of snacks and games for us and the kids. She ran to get our fast passes, knew the ins and outs of when and where to meet with characters, and took my 9 month old the entire time while we took our two older girls on rides. She changed diapers, handled the tantrums, and calmed my nerves. She also brings blankets and sets up 2 hours early for the parade ensuring the best spot. She comes highly recommended from me and I would never do Disney without her. She has her own hopper pass, and charges a flat rate of $20 an hour with a minimum of 6 hours. 

Contact Nanny Deb by email: Facebook:                                                                Website:

Other tips:

Loved the baby/kids bathroom and feeding/nursing/changing station. They have one in both California Adventure and in Disney Land. Clean, calm area where mamas can take babies to relax and eat. They have individual nursing rooms and changing tables. Also have kid potties that are clean for the little ones to use. 


Our stroller from Orbit Baby was a life saver with the kids. Baby goes in the top, and kids each ride their own attached kick board instead of having to walk around the park or push multiple strollers. 

We spent two full days going back and forth between California Adventure and Disney Land. I could have used one more day. But the kids played in the pool at the house the final day in California and had a blast. 

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